How can i earn ?

There are currently 3 ways to earn from "We Heart Bitcoin" : a classic Bitcoin faucet, Surfing ads and earning from your referrals faucet claims and deposits.

Can i have more than one account ?

This question is asked often in Earning websites and the answer is NO, and that's to give every one a chance to earn and make the system stable.

What's the minimum payment and deposit ?

Minimum Payment : 0.00050000 BTC
Minimum Deposit : 0.00010000 BTC
These amounts are not fixed, check here again if you want to confirm.

I didn't make a faucet claim but the countdown timer is there, what should i do ?

We only accept one faucet claim from a unique IP address, meaning if you are sharing a netowrk with others that have an account with us, only one accout can make a claim. If an account has already made a claim using the same IP address as yours, the timer will affect all those accounts with the same IP including your account. This is to prevent the faucet abuse from multiple and fake account users.

What's the maximum number of referrals i can have ?

We don't have any limit, just make sure your referrals are high quality and willing to work with us.

What kind of websites you accept ?

We accept most of the bitcoin earning websites, make sure the website you're trying to advertise supports iframes.

What are the payments methods ?

As the name suggests, we ONLY accept and Pay via Bitcoin.

Do I need to make a deposit to earn or withdraw ?

No, deposits are only for advertisers, if you want to promote your website or other programs referral link then you can make a deposit to do so, but earning with us is free.

What informations i can change after registration ?

You can only change your password and Bitcoin address, we ask you to use an email that you have access to as some of our transactions need to be confirmed by the user, you can't change your email after registration.