Stay Updated

Transfers from earnings to ads balance are temporary disabled disabled, the reason for that is to get fresh funds to clear the huge amount of pending withdrawals that will take us weeks or even months.
We're working on a faucet system that will allow users to earn from multiple faucet and earn satoshis from what's available in the related faucet so that we don't fall into a debt like we did in We Heart Bitcoin.
We are progressing nicely, we will add the link as soon as we have the green light for the testing run.
Keep supporting advertisers, getting good results will help us get more advertisers and it will help us clear the pending payments faster.
We will share details about our new project soon.
Notice to the member : cordakusin2018-09-27
Payment ID : 817
You are not using a valid Bitcoin Address, Kindly update your Bitcoin Address so we could send out your withdrawal with our next bulk payments.
Surfer Update Completed2018-09-26
We just updated the surfer algorithm, it is now more optimized and uses less server resources.
You can now skip ads if you wish, a report button for unwanted ads will be added soon as well.
That's it for now, more optimizations will come soon.
Surfer maintenance2018-09-26
Today we will perform a small maintenance to the surfer algorithm for better performances and speed ups.
We will update once this is done.
First of all, we are a legit business, we do pay our members and we do serve our advertisers with the cheapest rates in the PTC industry.
There are no such "Selective Payments" as some members accused us that we are paying the top members and suspend the others, for this matter, we added a column in the payment page as "ID" which is a unique identifier to every payment, from that, you can estimate when you'll get paid comparing the last ID with your pending payment ID.
Naturally, whenever the website makes a profit (at least 0.005BTC) we send payments in bulk to the oldest requests first. (obviously, if the last ID from payments page is 1000, then the next payment will be sent to the user with the payment ID 1001 !)
We failed the "Payments within 24h" description, but we already mentionned that withdrawals will take a long time, you will get your payment no matter what, just be patient until the "payments/revenue" rate stabilize.
The deposit bonus promotion is helping us generating quite a bit of revenue, so please don't stop promoting We Heart Bitcoin, it will always bring new advertisers !
Also, the payment proof promotion is still on, share your payment proof with your username in our facebook group to get 5000 satoshi as advertising balance. (Posts will be approved within 2/3 days from today)
Faucet changes2018-09-19
The faucet is now giving a fixed amount of 50 satoshi shared 50% to your earnings blanace and 50% to your ads balance.
The minimum withdrawal will be reduced as soon as we pay all pending payments, it will take some time for us to clear them all but rest assured that you will get your payment no matter what, please don't open a support ticket concerning withdrawals.
HUGE Deposit bonus & Upcoming faucet changes2018-09-18
Deposit more than 0.0025BTC and get a bonus of 10%. Note that our advertising solution rates are the cheapest in the PTC industry and the conversion rate (signups) is high as well.
Faucet will be giving a fix amount of bitcoin, with 50% of reward going to earnings and 50% to ads balance, this is to reduce the withdrawals, increase ads, and keep members active, this change will be active within 48 hour (we will update again once this is done).
Updates on Facebook group2018-09-17
Please make sure to join and interact in our facebook group.
There are some important posts concerning the future of We Heart Bitcoin.
Admin is a day late than the promised day2018-09-15
It's been a while everyone :)
Check the Admin post in the facebook group.
For support tickets, please submit a new one.
A quick update2018-09-11
Drop down menu on small screens/mobiles and tablets has been fixed and it should be working fine, try clearing your browser cache and then access the website again.
We are now using the old third party mailing service (Amazonses) and you should be able to recover your password as of now.
Soon we'll require email confirmations when you change your Bitcoin address or request a payment for more security.
It's not like we're not sending out payments or delaying, we're not able to do it for now, since our website got banned/rejected from ads networks, our last resort is EB4F, if it's a success it will be a blast, so stay tuned.
We apologize for the inability of responding to your support tickets or lack of activity in Facebook and Bitcoin talk post, we'll catch up again after Friday.
Website UI update2018-09-09
Website is undergoing a user interface update, there will more statistics and details and a fresh look.
Some of the websites features are not working properly and we're working non stop to adjust them.
The launch of Earn BTC 4 Fun will be announced tomorrow evening.
Some of the pending withdrawals will be processed today, payments requests are enabled as of now.
As always, stay tuned.
Update 32018-09-07
Earn BTC 4 Fun is our new branch website (
The ads labeled (Admin Ads) in the ads surfer are 100% served by us.
Update 22018-09-07
You can now edit your Bitcoin address as before from the settings.
Make sure you change your address before you request a withdrawal as requests are saved in the database using the current Bitcoin address of the account.
All support tickets concerning Bitcoin addresses are ignored as of now.
Once again, we can't refund or transfer from Ads balance to earnings as per our terms.
There will be other changes and features coming in the future for stability and better user experience.
Kindly do not open a support ticket requesting about withdrawals, the whole process is paused until a future notice.
Our child website is now on prelaunch, details and help page will be updated soon.
We have 70 pending withdrawals, they will be processed as soon as we launch our branch website.
Withdrawals are temporarily disabled.
Users will be able to change their Bitcoin addresses again soon from the settings.
Hooray ! the most wanted feature is now available2018-09-03
You can now transfer your earnings to your ads balance.
Minimum transfer is 10k satoshi.
Once you transfer or deposit into ads balance you won't get any refund as per our terms.
Focus on surfing ads2018-09-03
3/4 of our members are just here for the faucet, we kindly ask you to surf ads, it's a way of supporting the advertisers and good results for them will bring us good results as well.
Transfers to Ads balance will be enabled soon, make sure to make the most out of it.
As always, stay updated.
Members ask, we deliver2018-09-02
We believe that a business is all about team work, and We Heart Bitcoin is no different, we take every suggestion and request from every member into consideration, as a result, we altered the faucet rewards to meet the average request of most of the members.
But, as a side effect, withdrawals may take longer to be processed since withdrawals amount is more than what the website generates.
Hopfully, by the launch of our Child website, there will be more advertisers and it will be easy for users to earn and get their payments in time.
Stay updated.
The old rewards were only promotional, and old members already knew that there will be changes to make the website stable.
The faucet is just a part of the website, and we mentionned many times that the main purpose of this website is advertising.
If you are new to this website and seeing that the minimum withdrawal is high don't worry, many future changes will happen to make the business more reliable and enjoyable.

I already told the members in our facebook group that we ran out of promotional funds and a lot of you keep asking for minimum payment reduction, well, if you can help with that then it's no problem :)
I kindly ask you to make do with what's available for now.
The business is just one month old, and we're expecting more advertisers to join us, instead of focusing solely on the faucet, surf ads ! if there's unlimited amount of advertisers then you can surf ads and earn endlessly too !
As always, check this page once in a while.
More updates will be coming soon.
A Side business will be launched soon2018-09-01
Everyone is complaining about the reduction of rewards with the high minimum payment and that's only natural, for this matter, a side "Pay to earn" business is already in production and will be launched soon to support this "Free to earn" business.
If the next project succeed then we will restore the old rewards and commissions.
Note that we need your support to keep website and the next one amazing !
Launching promotion ended2018-09-01
The stable plan is now ON, we launched the system with a bit high rewards and commissions, it last only for one month.
You can view the changes in their respective pages.
Accounts suspension2018-08-30
First of all, we ban rules breakers when they request a withdrawal, we sometimes overlook and pay users who bypass the captcha or have one or two fake accounts.
But when we do suspend a user for other criteria, it's final.
Or, bring enough proofs that you didn't break any rules and you may get back your account !
About withdrawals2018-08-30
Temporary solution for withdrawals confirmation emails :
We won't request users to click the confirmation link, withdrawals will be made directly to the current account bitcoin address after approval.
During this time, users will not be able to change their Bitcoin addresses from the settings, every member has a 48h to check his account for valid Bitcoin address.
This measure is to prevent someone other than you to request a withdrawal on your behalf.
If you need to change your withdrawal Bitcoin address, you need to request it from support before you make the withdrawal request.
We refunded all unconfirmed withdrawals2018-08-29
As we're testing the results of our progress fixing the mailing service, we refunded all unconfirmed withdrawals so every users will have to try requesting again and see if he's able to get the confirmation email or not.
We're not sure if everything's fixed or not but we ask for your kind cooperation and help.
Payment Proofs promotion2018-08-29
Share your payment proof including your username in our facebook group and get 5000 satoshi bonus in your advertising balance.
This promotion will remain active for a while.
Every member will get this bonus once.
Still having problems with mailing service2018-08-29
The server upgrade and transfer really caused us a lot of trouble, and mailing, one of the vital services is malfunctioning.
There's an info box in the History page asking you to request your confirmation link manually from the support (the bottom left blue bubble), here's what you need to do :
Send your : Username, Current account Bitcoin address (you need to use the same email as the one related to your account).
The following cases will NOT get any support :
• Multiple tickets asking to speed up the support process.
• Non English tickets : it's easy for one person to translate his own messages, but it's hard for us to translate 100s of mails
• Asking for suspension removal, minimum payment reduction, bonuses and other trivial things.
Also, check this page at least once or twice a day, we update important things here.
Faucet rewards reduction2018-08-27
We reduced faucet rewards as we are lacking advertisers and we're facing a shortage in the website reserve.
Final rewards will be adjusted after the first of September.
Complains about recaptcha2018-08-26
A lot of members complained about the recaptcha, we enabled the old text capctha and it will be removed once we prepare other sets of third party captchas.
As there will be bot users for sure, expect slowdowns and serving difficulties.
Please be patient until we fix all the reported problem.
Difficulties with mails deliveries2018-08-26
If you requested a withdrawal and didn't get the confirmation email, here's what you need to do : submit a support ticket including your current account username, email and Bitcoin address, and a new email address from Gmail, Hotmail, Yandex or Yahoo
This is just a temporary fix and we will make sure to get all the mailing functionalities up again soon.
Emergency captcha change2018-08-26
Since we're having a lot of trouble with DDOS attacks and bot users bypassing the text captcha, we activated recaptcha as a temporary solution, we will add other 3rd party captchas soon.
We are back stronger than ever 2018-08-24
We are now running on a reliable server and expecting a smooth and perfect performances, everything is working perfectly for now.
We are very sorry for the delays in responding your support mails and processing withdrawals, everything will be cleared within the next 12-16 hours.
A more powerful server is on its way 2018-08-23
Two days ago we informed you that we are going to upgrade the server, it's now under preparation, and the whole process will be completed after 3-4 days.
we will update here again with any news about the progress.
Faucet algorithm shared on our facebook group 2018-08-22
We shared on our facebook group how the faucet works, check it our there.
Server downtimes and serving difficulties 2018-08-21
We are growing bigger day by day, and our current hosting setup is a little bit weak and giving some downtimes that are annoying for some users. we are going to upgrade the server for a smooth and seamless experience, we will update you soon once this process is done.
Giveaway discontinued and replaced with daily contest 2018-08-19
Since the weekly giveaway is not actually profitable or competitive, we are going to replace it with a daily referral and deposits contest for better members activity.
Faucet problem 2018-08-14
The faucet script was broken and giving upto 90% 50 satoshi. The problem fixed after 4 days.
Promotion 2018-08-01
During our first month, Enjoy 25% commission from your referrals faucet claims and 10% commission from their deposits.
Faucet claim chance every 30 minutes instead of 1 hour & A huge deposit bonus of 5%.
Launch 2018-07-31
We are happy to launch this Bitcoin advertising and earning website, we welcome everyone to this family.